Phosphorous Recovery using Ion-exchange and Electrodialysis (PHOSIEDI)

The objective of the project is production of phosphoric acid using ion-exchange in combination with eletrodialysis either be used in the fertilizer production or for industrial applications.

The working schedule basically comprises the following steps:

Investigations on the efficiency of the ion-exchanger

  • Illustration of isotherms
  • Optimisation of the phosphate loading
  • Regeneration characteristics.

Electrodialysis and Phosphate recovery

  • Regeneration of the ion-exchanger and phosphate recovery
  • Optimisation of the electrochemical boundary conditions
  • Investigations of suitable membranes both for the material flow separation and water splitting
  • Transfer of the findings to a continuous flow system.

Description of the Phosphoric acid quality

  • Product quality and market acceptance
  • Process technological evaluation
  • Economic feasibility
  • Comparative consideration with other competing P-recovery process technologies.

Results utilisation

The utilisation of the results can be directly derived from the targets of the project. Due to the possible potential of a direct reuse of the phosphoric acid a close cooperation with Daimler Wörth is intended.